Popnable was launched in 2015 to promote local music in 9 countries. Five years later, it provides information for over 110 areas (trends), 270,000+ songs, 50,000+ artists worldwide.

While other chart-topping companies offer popular English music, Popnable relies on regional music, no matters of genre or language. We support musical diversity.

Popnable imposes a new model of ranking songs. All charts compete trending songs on a regional basis.
Popnable is a leading music media serving music charts on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
Popnable provides music charts since July 4, 2015.
Popnable operates on 110+ markets all around the globe.
Popnable is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union.
Tracking Bot
Popnable measures 67 688 channels daily and collecting accurate data about each song.
Tracking Bot of Popnable is an automatic process that crawls stats from the internet.
Tracking Bot has 3 main goals:
Discover trending channels on YouTube; suggesting channels to being added in Popnable's repository; exploring songs.
Human Processing
Each Channel and video suggested by the Tracking Bot pass through human processing.
- The Administrator approves all videos, edit their titles using standard for naming.
- The Administrator approves or declines contributes given by Popnable's users
- The Administrator approves all artists, edit their names using standard for titling.

Popnable describes 2 types of Channels:
- International Channel: channel that uploads videos under different countries and genres.
- Local Channel: channel that is located/dedicated to one country (area).

Trend determines a group of songs united based on a property. The property could be country, event or any apportion data.
The songs link to only one country but could be involved to more trends. For example, each song appears in a particular country (trend) and also in World Trend.
How video is related to the particular trend (country)?
If the video belongs to International Channel, then the song binds to the country of the artist.
If video belongs to Local Channel, then it is bounded to the country of the channel.
Chart Methodology
Popnable reads data collected by the Tracking Bot and analyzed it by itself.
Received Information is divided into certain bunches and grouped by trends. Charts are determined by sorting data and certain criteria.
* impressions - referring to the number of plays on Popnable, visited song/artist pages on Popnable, voting system on Popnable, population of an area, and other complex criteria.
* likes/dislikes - referring to the number of likes/dislikes (upvoting/downvoting) given by Popnable's users (voting system on Popnable).

Top 100 Songs - daily charts
Top 40 Songs - weekly/monthly/annual charts
Top 20 Likeable Songs - daily charts
Top 10 Annoying Songs - daily charts
Top 40 Artists - monthly charts

Popnable provides an extended version for Top 40 Charts. The number of chart entries depends on total songs have been added on Popnable for particular trend:
- up to 250 videos - 50 entries
- up to 500 videos - 100 entries
- up to 750 videos - 125 entries
- up to 1000 videos - 150 entries
- up to 1250 videos - 175 entries
- up to 1500 videos - 200 entries
- up to 3000 videos - 300 entries
- up to 5000 videos - 400 entries
- at least 5000 videos - 500 entries
Popnable's Community helps with improving all existing processes:
Occurred Strikes:
Popnable Strikes describes Blocking System. There have few reasons Popnable block particular songs:
- Warning Level - The song is marked as suspicious which means it's possible to be taken down of the charts soon.
- Strike Level - The song is marked as untrusted which means it's been taken down of the charts.
- Mute Level - The song is marked as not music related which means it's been taken down of the charts.
- Delete Level - The song is marked as deleted by YouTube which means it's been taken down of the charts.

Users can report song and artists, suggest YouTube channels for tracking, invoke blocks, edit songs and artists.
Available Trends
Afghanistan, aired on Sunday
Albania, aired on Wednesday
Algeria, aired on Saturday
American Song Contest, aired on Sunday
Andorra, aired on Wednesday
Angola, aired on Monday
Arab World, aired on Thursday
Argentina, aired on Tuesday
Armenia, aired on Thursday
Australia, aired on Thursday
Austria, aired on Tuesday
Azerbaijan, aired on Friday
Bangladesh, aired on Sunday
Belarus, aired on Friday
Belgium, aired on Wednesday
Benin, aired on Tuesday
Bolivia, aired on Monday
Bosnia and Herzegovina, aired on Monday
Brazil, aired on Saturday
Bulgaria, aired on Thursday
Burkina Faso, aired on Saturday
Burundi, aired on Sunday
Cambodia, aired on Tuesday
Cameroon, aired on Friday
Canada, aired on Wednesday
Cape Verde, aired on Wednesday
Chile, aired on Tuesday
China, aired on Tuesday
Colombia, aired on Wednesday
Costa Rica, aired on Saturday
Croatia, aired on Monday
Cuba, aired on Saturday
Cyprus, aired on Monday
Czech Republic, aired on Sunday
Democratic Republic of the Congo, aired on Friday
Denmark, aired on Sunday
Dominican Republic, aired on Monday
Ecuador, aired on Friday
Egypt, aired on Monday
English Music, aired on Thursday
Eritrea, aired on Friday
Estonia, aired on Sunday
Ethiopia, aired on Monday
Eurovision, aired on Saturday
Ex-Yugoslavia, aired on Thursday
Finland, aired on Thursday
France, aired on Friday
Georgia, aired on Saturday
Germany, aired on Saturday
Ghana, aired on Sunday
Greece, aired on Tuesday
Guatemala, aired on Thursday
Guinea, aired on Saturday
Haiti, aired on Monday
Hong Kong, aired on Friday
Hungary, aired on Wednesday
Iceland, aired on Tuesday
India, aired on Sunday
Indonesia, aired on Friday
Iran, aired on Wednesday
Iraq, aired on Tuesday
Ireland, aired on Sunday
Israel, aired on Tuesday
Italy, aired on Saturday
Ivory Coast, aired on Tuesday
Jamaica, aired on Wednesday
Japan, aired on Wednesday
JESC, aired on Saturday
Jordan, aired on Thursday
Kazakhstan, aired on Friday
Kenya, aired on Wednesday
Kosovo, aired on Saturday
Kuwait, aired on Sunday
Kyrgyzstan, aired on Saturday
Laos, aired on Sunday
Latin Music, aired on Thursday
Latvia, aired on Tuesday
Lebanon, aired on Friday
Liberia, aired on Thursday
Libya, aired on Monday
Lithuania, aired on Saturday
Luxembourg, aired on Friday
Madagascar, aired on Saturday
Malaysia, aired on Monday
Mali, aired on Thursday
Malta, aired on Thursday
Mexico, aired on Monday
Moldova, aired on Sunday
Mongolia, aired on Wednesday
Montenegro, aired on Sunday
Morocco, aired on Friday
Mozambique, aired on Sunday
Myanmar [Burma], aired on Friday
Namibia, aired on Friday
Nepal, aired on Wednesday
Netherlands, aired on Thursday
New Wave Musicians, aired on Thursday
New Zealand, aired on Tuesday
Nicaragua, aired on Wednesday
Nigeria, aired on Friday
North Macedonia, aired on Sunday
Norway, aired on Wednesday
Pakistan, aired on Thursday
Palestine, aired on Monday
Panama, aired on Tuesday
Paraguay, aired on Sunday
Peru, aired on Tuesday
Philippines, aired on Sunday
Poland, aired on Friday
Portugal, aired on Wednesday
Puerto Rico, aired on Friday
Romania, aired on Tuesday
Russia, aired on Monday
Rwanda, aired on Thursday
San Marino, aired on Tuesday
Saudi Arabia, aired on Saturday
Senegal, aired on Wednesday
Serbia, aired on Friday
Sierra Leone, aired on Monday
Singapore, aired on Thursday
Slovakia, aired on Wednesday
Slovenia, aired on Saturday
Somalia, aired on Thursday
South Africa, aired on Tuesday
South Korea, aired on Tuesday
Spain, aired on Monday
Sri Lanka, aired on Thursday
Sudan, aired on Saturday
Sweden, aired on Sunday
Switzerland, aired on Monday
Syria, aired on Tuesday
Taiwan, aired on Saturday
Tajikistan, aired on Sunday
Tanzania, aired on Tuesday
Thailand, aired on Saturday
Tunisia, aired on Thursday
Turkey, aired on Wednesday
Turkmenistan, aired on Monday
Uganda, aired on Wednesday
UK, aired on Friday
Ukraine, aired on Thursday
United Arab Emirates, aired on Thursday
Uruguay, aired on Thursday
USA, aired on Monday
Uzbekistan, aired on Thursday
Venezuela, aired on Sunday
Vietnam, aired on Thursday
World, aired on Thursday
Yemen, aired on Saturday
Zambia, aired on Saturday
Zimbabwe, aired on Monday